Monday, August 8, 2011

The Return of the Layout Wall

Today I sent our oldest two boys off to school, and set off to clean the house.
My scrapbook area has been severely neglected this summer. It was such a disaster that instead of dealing with it I just ignored it, working in other areas of my house instead.
Have I ever mentioned that I really hate confrontation? ;)

Today I faced the chaos that is my little red desk head-on, and while I was cleaning up and cleaning out, I came across some of my favorite layouts. These are some oldies but goodies....
Photobucket I decided it was time to add another row to the layout wall that goes up our staircase.

Here are a few close ups...




Got my hands on the new Front Porch Kit this weekend.
Lots of ideas brewing in this brain.
Tomorrow I'm hoping to express what is in my head on paper. And a few other surfaces.

Sneak peeks to come this weekend.
Game on. ;)

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