Saturday, February 25, 2012

It's BACK!!

This week  the latest Front Porch Kit arrived on my front porch. :)
I've missed those these past few fun to drive home and find that wonderful brown 12x12 box waiting for me on Wednesday!
SO ready and excited to get going with this's a BEAUTIFUL kit.
I had no trouble coming up with projects to fact, I might have to scale back a little. ;)
  We left-brained, crafty-types sometimes set unrealistic expectations, don't we? However, this time I'm hoping that my old organized, right-brained self will shine through this time, at least in the staying-on-task department.  Otherwise she needs to leave me alone. ;)

A couple weeks ago I had the fun job of making Fancy Nancy party invitations for one of my very favorite little girls. Miss Mia-Kate is 6 now...her mama and I have been friends since middle school, and I seriously love those girls (MK has 2 sisters) like they're mine. :) Determined that at least one of them will end up falling in love with and marrying a Hatcher boy.  *sigh* 
Her mama and I would make the most fun moms-in-law and grandma pair EVER.

But, I'm getting off task.  Shocking. ;)
New Front Porch Kit sneaks coming this weekend.
Check back soon!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Parties and Painting

January is a busy month for our family, with 3 birthdays and an anniversary to celebrate, all within an 11 day period.  So you can imagine my relief when February gets here. ;)  Don't get me wrong~ I love celebrating and planning parties.  Birthdays are fun, and I love to make a really big deal out of them.
But when it's all over I'm equally as excited to not have another party to plan until June. ;)

Still can't believe this guy is FIVE.
And because FIVE is such a big birthday, we partied BIG.
Here's a recap:
Hunter wanted a Lego Star Wars party at home, so we celebrated with pool noodle Light Saber fights in the family room (whoa), a Lego ship building contest, cupcakes, cake, and Yoda Soda. ;)
It was fun! Special thanks to my incredibly talented friend Amanda for making the cupcake toppers, and the Star Wars cookies...they were a huge hit!!

 Last week I was determined to relax the Monday after the party was over.
That lasted about 2 hours. ;) Sometimes I wish I was better at relaxing, but maybe it's good that I'm not. 
I had been thinking about painting a wall in our house, but I needed some time to work up the courage.
Thankfully we had plenty of paint leftover from when this hallway was painted, and I used Mod Podge to adhere the leaves to the wall, so if it was a disaster at least it wouldn't be a permanent one. ;)
 I was wanting to paint something that was whimsical and kid-friendly, but also something that would grow with the boys.  I love trees, and wanted to incorporate some of the colors I use throughout our home.  The Bible verse is from Jeremiah of my favorites, and one that I'm wanting the boys to grow up knowing as well.

 I had so much fun with this project!  I really love to paint, and it was so fun having a giant canvas to work with.  Thankful for a patient husband who doesn't panic when I mention painting a mural on a wall (or he hides it really well). ;)