Sunday, August 21, 2011

Life is Wonder-Full

So...I may have a new obsession.
It's one I resisted for awhile...prompting friends to ask me what I was waiting for,
that they were shocked that I hadn't gotten hooked yet.
Truth is, I didn't understand it....and I didn't think I had the time to figure it out.

It's a little thing called Pinterest
and it's sucked up way more of my "free" time than I really care to admit.
But I can honestly say that I've reined myself in a lot these past couple weeks....
...mostly because I've been too busy planning all of these DIY projects for the house.
That I happened to see on Pinterest. ;)
This one on the hearth is my first Pinterest-inspired project.
Changed up some to make it mine and fit my style, but inspired nonetheless.

4 wooden boards, put together by my dear husband, stained, paper-crafted,
stamped, and polyurethaned by me. ;)

There are lots of ________-full things, aren't there?
Beauty Full
Hope Full
Peace Full
The list goes on and on...but for our fam and the stage of life the boys are in,
life is in indeed full of wonder here. :)

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