Tuesday, June 7, 2011


This weekend we celebrated our middle man's 7th birthday, even though he won't technically be 7 until later in the month. Thought it would be best to celebrate at the first of the summer before all of this friends from school were off on vacations and camps. And since his birthday comes right after we get back from vacation I figured it would be best to do it beforehand, while I still have some energy. ;)

I really LoVe to plan a party....so much that I've tossed around the idea of starting a little party planning business the last month or so. Not sure. But I sure had fun planning this one. :)
Kinda crazy about this particular client. ;)
He's my only summer baby, and I really love a summertime pool party. Thankfully, he does too.

I made the invitations last month....sorry about the poor quality of the photo. It was taken on my phone, and the lighting was horrible. But you get the idea. And yes, I tried to erase the address info on there...assuming you figured that out, but felt the need to give an explanation. ;)

This is the first party we've had here where we didn't have family here. It was weird. Thankful for the sweet friends and neighbors who were there to love on us and make Hud's day special.
Usually my mom makes the cakes, cupcakes, whatever we need for the party. This is not my area, but I did have fun with the fish cupcakes. Not as good as Mom's, but they were fine.

Got the idea for the gummy fish skewers online, and thought they were so fun, and a great party favor alternative to giving a bag full of stuff from China that is just going to end up in the trash.
They were a hit! These gummies come in just about every shape you can imagine, and there are lots of online candy companies. I ordered these from www.nutsonline.com
The fishy beachballs came from Hobby Lobby. I also filled little sandbuckets with some of Hud's favorite things: goldfish crackers, peanut butter M&M's, watermelon, etc. Caught a really good sale on cokes, and iced them down for drinks and we were set!

How in the world is this baby almost 7?

Peace out, people!

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  1. Jaclyn...loved your projects from the FPK. The party sounds great...I miss planning the fun ones for little ones...my baby is 20...enjoy every minute because it goes by tooooo fast