Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Gift

This is a little something I made for my parents for Christmas.
It went so well with my kitchen that I was tempted to keep it for myself. ;)
Just kidding....but it did make me decide that I will definitely be making another one, because these trays are LOTS of fun.
These trays are made by 7gypsies, and I've been itching to try one for months. Love how each opening is like it's own little scrapbook page...I also love how a 4x6 photo stands beautifully on it's own too (like the one of Hunter, bottom right). I used 7gypsies papers and some Tim Holtz embellishments...the F is for Family stickers are from 7gypsies as well.
These trays come in black or white, with a few different size options...and I noticed they are on sale at too. :) Happy crafting!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

See You at The Little Blue House SOON!

It's no secret that I miss teaching. Admittedly, I was a little burned out around the time we were moving here, but it wasn't long at all before I realized how much the papercrafting world really is a part of me. :) So I was thrilled when Tracy asked me if I would like to teach a workshop while we're in Texas for Christmas. Um, let's see...definitely yes!
So I will be teaching this 10x10 wall hanging at The Little Blue House on Thursday, December 30.
The class will be offered both during the day and again that evening.

"All You Need is Love" features Fancy Pants' new "Hot Chocolate" line. I LOVE this line so's great for Christmas scrapbooking and such, but not so Christmas-y that you can't use it for other things too. Like a super-cute wall hanging that would look great in your house. ;)

In the workshop I'll be teaching a new flower technique, and will bring my laptop along in case any of you want to learn how I made the small, antiqued photos using Photoshop.
For more information and to sign up for this class, visit The Little Blue House blog.
REALLY hoping to see lots of you there~ I miss you!


And the stocking were hung...

This is one of those posts that falls under the "such" category of "scrapbooking and such." Usually my posts involve paper of some sort, but this time it's all about fabric.
Our family was in serious need of new stockings. I hated the ones I had made a few years ago...they were horrible. My friend Jenny showed me some stockings that were in a catalog, and I loved them like she did. They were $35 apiece, and the last thing I wanted to spend $175 right now was stockings. So we decided to make them. And I'm thrilled to report that for what it would have cost to buy one of those stockings, I was able to make all five. Yippee!!

What I think sets these stockings apart (and what drew me to them) is the zebra print ruffle. The ones in the catalog were made of leopard print, which was part of my original plan...until I remembered I had lots of zebra fabric leftover from re-covering my grandma's rocker. So I saved a little extra $$ and our stockings are extra coordinated too. Win-win. :)

We traced an old stocking onto some newspaper to use as a pattern, and my roll of Tacky Tape became a template for the circles. :) Don't know if you sew or not, but if you need any other tips, let me know! Merry Christmas!