Sunday, October 24, 2010


I know it's been a little quiet around here lately.
It may seem quiet, but trust me when I say that it actually has been anything but quiet here.
The fact is, I've been busy. Which is better than the alternative. I don't do well with quiet and boring. And trust me, it is never quiet or boring here. :)
In the midst of our busy schedule, keeping up with the boys, school, church, housework, ironing, grocery shopping, football practice, picking up toys, cleaning some more, guitar lessons, playing, etc., I've been trying to get this order finished up. It needs to be mailed off next Friday. Getting close to being finished, but I'll admit it's moving slower than I had planned.
Doesn't it always work that way? Oh well....I'll get there. Quickly. Deadlines are good for me.

The little red desk (and the rest of my craft area) has been a complete disaster.
And it's making me nuts. But I keep reminding myself that I thrive on chaos, that I will finish and clean up soon....and then start another project. :)

But is another mini-book.

A kindergarten book for a cute little boy named Brady.
I went with a vintagey look for this one.

A little Crate Paper mixed with some October Afternoon.



Wish I could see the completely finished know, when the photos are added.
Brady is really a super cute kid, and will make this album way better. :)


The only thing I like better than buying school supplies is making school-themed books. :)


And I can't wait until I can show you all of this one. Don't want to spoil the surprise.

But I can't help but give a little peek...

Is it just me, or that little blue bird the picture of happiness?
She's from Basic Grey's "Olivia" collection, and I think she's pretty fab.
Kinda dig that pink leopard flower too....more to come. :)

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