Friday, July 6, 2012

Room Re-do X2

The boys and I got back a few days ago from our summer trip to Texas.  We had a such a GrEaT time....lots of swimming, shopping, farm work, target shooting, a Rangers game....but mostly just loved being together.  Our time there always goes by way too fast, but knowing that B was back here alone, working hard so that we can do things like spend two weeks in TX made it much easier to come home. :)

I know I've mentioned this before, but in case you missed it,
the boys have 2 new cousins (making the total they have now 5, which they think is greatness).

My mom wanted photos of all of her grandkids together, so we called in our favorite photographer and she worked her magic. :)

I know....STOP. IT, right?
The cuteness is almost too much. ;)

I can hardly wait to get these framed in my house....the boys are crazy about Finn and Bailey, and vice versa.  Can't express enough how incredibly good it does my heart to see these 5 together, and that even though they don't live close to each other they've been able to pick right back up where they left off at each visit.  Their bond is tight, and I have a feeling it always will be.  My sis and I are finally getting our dream of being moms together, and while it rots that we're not even in the same state to live out this dream, we're making the best of it....making darn sure that these kiddos are going to know each other well and love each other BIG.  So far, so good. :)

You  might be wondering why I'm posting this on my art/crafty/project blog instead of my family blog, and there are two reasons why:
One: I know a lot of you who read this live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and a lot of  you are scrapbookers.  So you need good photos.  It's WAY more fun to scrap great pics....making me a very thankful girl that my best friend (a.k.a my person) also happens to be a fab photographer.  If you live in the metroplex, take advantage of the fact that you live near her and schedule a session.  You won't be fact, you just might be so thankful you'll want to send me a present.  Lol....seriously, go visit her website:  She's so much fun, has a great eye, and is brilliant with color and catching your littles' personalities.

Have I mentioned how crazy-in-love I am with my niece and nephew? ;)
I've gotten very attached to these little people.  
They have left little footprints on my heart, and I am one smitten Aunt Jac.

Reason #2 for posting this here is because I did a little work while I was visiting.  But it didn't really feel like work because I was getting to paint and decorate for this guy.....

.....who has already developed a love for baseball and needed to reflect that love in his bedroom. :)  So I painted a baseball-looking stripe in his room, and added the "Rawlings" logo that you'll find on baseballs to give it a little something unique.

My sister was working on painting his bathroom when I came over to take these photos, and when I left there were still a few things left to hang on the walls (one being a large sepia-toned photo of Finn wearing Hunter's too-big-for-him Josh Hamilton shirt....yummy), so I will post more when I get the final photos. There are several little touches that make his room so much fun....great for him now at 2, but a room he will be able to grow in for several years.

I also got to decorate Bailey's room and oh has opened up a whole new world of fun!  I know I was made to be a boy mom (and I LOVE suits me),but I've learned quickly that being an aunt to a girl is pretty fantastic.  Especially when she's fun and girly like Miss B, and even at the young age of 2 understands the importance of making things pretty. ;)

Some of the things for her wall collage were bought and a few I made, but it all came together to reflect her personality, and is just SO much fun. :)

And of course, she had to have a tree.  And we decided that it needed to be pink...because what girl doesn't need a pink tree in her room? ;) The paper leaves were chosen to coordinate with the other wall decor, and the birdhouse "hangs" on the tree like a frame would...I'll never forget her reaction to seeing it for the first time.  Made every minute spent working on it completely worth it.

My sister painted this old desk yellow (and has since purchased some super cute knobs for the drawers)'s a great touch. :)

And last (for now), the curtains.  We found these white ruffled curtains at Target (of course;) and added wide grosgrain ribbon to each ruffle.
We headed back home before the rooms were completely finished, but I'm so happy I got to help make their bedrooms happy and cozy for of the many reasons I love my job. :)

And now we're in serious project-mode around here.  B and I painted a chalkboard wall in the kitchen tonight, and I'm starting Hud's room re-do tomorrow.  Got a couple of canvases to work on, and helping Harrison reorganize and change up his room a little.  And not to be left out, we're going to rearrange Hunter's room so his bed is away from the window because it "makes him nervous" when it rains outside.  Little punkin. ;) Pics to come.

Summer is a great time to give new life to your favorite spaces, so I encourage you to get busy!  Post links in the comment section below~ I'd love to see what you're up to.  Happy Re-doing! ;)


  1. the rooms look Fun! And that is a beautiful group of kiddos. :)

  2. This is all adorable! Love your unique touches and creativity! May have to steal the curtain idea for Ms Charlotte's "big girl" room! Can't wait to see your re-do's of the boy's rooms!

  3. Love it! Can't wait to see more pics! :)

  4. I am so glad I saw this post... B is so adorable and reminds me of my little A- right doen to the same outfit!! I also think they have the same toddler bed I have been struggling with my gallery wall for her and duh- I think it is the pait color! We have pink walls and I think we need blue ones!