Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chalkboard Wall How-To

So I've been jonesin' for a chalkboard wall for awhile now, and even though this summer has been crazy-busy, I decided now was the time to make it happen.  Apparently I'm not happy unless I have some kind of project going...lol. Poor Brian. ;)  He's so patient....not sure what I did to deserve him, but I'm so thankful.

My hubs loves to say that Pinterest is the bane of his existence...lol ;)  He spends a lot of his free time cutting wood or hanging something up or painting something....God bless him. This time though, I lovingly let him know that Pinterest isn't to blame for this project.....

The Duncans are. ;)

The boys and I LOVE this show.  In case you haven't heard of it, it's called Good Luck Charlie, and is about a family of 6 (oops...7 now).  The oldest sister, Teddy, is doing a video diary for her little sister, Charlie, because she knows she won't be there for her teenage years. It's hilarious, well written, and I get just as excited as the boys do when a new episode comes on. :) If you haven't, check it out...lots of family-friendly fun. On the Disney Channel.

Crazy about how this house is decorated....pretty sure Amy Duncan and I would be fast friends if she was real. ;) And I'm thankful that she is so crazy that she makes me look a little less crazy...lol

But anyway...back to business. ;)  We purchased a quart of chalkboard paint at The Home Depot (our favorite DIY store) for $10.99, and used a small foam paint roller. After we painted the chalkboard with two coats, (which looked like solid black paint would) my dear husband offered to frame it out for me.  Really think we need our own husband and wife DIY show....add the boys and the 2 puppies and it would be all kinds of entertaining....lol. ;)

 Then we had to condition it by rubbing it all over with chalk. 
 It took me four full pieces to cover it all.

 Then we took a wet towel a wiped it all off, and it looked like a real chalkboard!

 My dear friend and former boss, Tracy, sent me a few chalkboard ink pens to try out (and they are awesome!) and they look like chalk without all the dust and mess that goes along with real chalk.  Real chalk, however, is easier to clean off.  I covered it with a Bible verse, our weekly menu, chore lists, and special events/dates to remember, and then the bottom is for the boys to express their artistic abilities. ;) And me....lol

We had some extra paint so I decided to paint under our kitchen island as well.  The boys love having their own space to draw and write on, because really, the big one is more for organization/planning type things, which has been super helpful.  I strive for our home to be kid-friendly...trying to find the balance between my clean-freakiness and not wanting to spend my life cleaning.  This board is freeing me up in all kinds of ways...lol.

So there you go....really an easy project I encourage you to try.
Next project for me? Painting our kitchen cabinets black...not going to be nearly as fun, but can't wait to see the results!!


  1. Love! BUT, don't paint your cabinets black as your next project--paint them gray-blue--like the Duncans' kitchen featured in the picture you inserted. Would look great with your green walls and black can be hard to make it look right. ;c) Or really, paint them black! Who am I to offer suggestions!

  2. Super cute! Wish this had been around when my kids were small!