Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sew Artsy's Big Day! ;)

Today's the day!! 

 So happy to finally help reveal this month's Front Porch Kit!
I know...it's a little overwhelming, isn't it? ;)
In a good way, of course....there is SO much to work with in this kit; the hardest part is deciding where to start!  I know I've blogged a lot about the papers (they are beautiful!) but I had so much fun working with the other elements too...definitely my first time to use a dress pattern in a layout, and I loved it!

And now, here are my projects:


"Beach Baby"

"A Boy Named Finn"
Mini layout (5x7)

(Hattie the Hoop;)

"You Are Here"
18x18 canvas
I'm planning a tutorial for this one, so check back soon!

The "Sew Artsy" kit is available today, so visit
to order yours!

The online gallery is loading up as you read this...there are SO many projects to give you inspiration that it's taking longer than expected...thanks for your patience!
In the meantime take a look at all the designers' blogs, and of course, order your kit!

Have "sew" much fun!


  1. All your projects are sew fabulous! Can't wait to see your tutorial - looks sew interesting!

  2. I'm with Susan, fabulous and waiting in anticipation for the tutorial.

  3. I love all of them, as always I am astonished at the depth of your creativity.