Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kid Venture Wall Art~ Done!!

Back in March I was hired to do my first real official wall art job, painting the children's area for Sugar Hill United Methodist Church. I was really excited, and a nervous wreck too. Worried about my abilities and if I would really be able to get what was in my head onto this big gigantic "canvas." ;)  When I started it was four walls painted blue, and after hearing the children's director's vision for what she hoped it would look like, I learned that we have a very similar, whimsical taste. :)

This is the main wall of the kids' area....we wanted to portray the idea of an adventure, 
a journey that is kid-friendly and fun.

 Happy flowers and a butterfly...and a tiny little ladybug on a long blade of grass.
 The registration corner...tall sunflowers with scrapbook paper centers....because it wouldn't feel like it was mine without some paper involved. ;)
 The main doors, where the road ends and the adventure begins.
 The children's director's favorites are dandelions and I 
was sure to include plenty of those. :)
 Big turquoise tree with a paper bird and nest....
 close-up view

 another tree, but this time with paper leaves :)
and the sun...which I think ended up being my favorite part.

They ordered green trim for the bottom of the walls...I can't wait to go up and see it after that is installed!

Hoping this is the beginning of a fun new journey for was without a doubt one of the most fun jobs I've ever had, and I can't wait to see what lies ahead.


  1. Just fabulous! I love that tree - looks "like you." And the sun, and ladybug, and sunflowers, and...everything!

  2. This is definitely Jaclyn Hatchers work of art. I can see how the wheels were turning in that creative brain of yours. I love it, your did a wonderful job.