Saturday, May 12, 2012

Biggest Canvas EVER :)

The past couple weeks I've had the opportunity to paint a mural for a children's area
of a local church.

It was my first "real" job like this, and I was nervous.
I've painted lots of things for our house, family, friends,
but a real, paying job?
That's a whole different story.

 It started out as just a big blue room,
and the children's director, Terri, and I shared our visions for the final result,
coming together with this.

 This is my progress so far on just one wall.
Terri was wanting this main wall to be a journey scene, heading toward an adventure.
Their theme is Kid Venture,
so we wanted it to be fun and happy and whimsical.
Who says trees have to be green?  Turquoise, purple, and orange are WaY more fun. ;)
Next week I'll be adding in paper embellishments...that's what will make this project feel's just not right without scrapbook paper involved somewhere. :)

I will post the finished product as soon as it's done.
This has been SO much fun~ can't wait to see it finished!

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  1. Wow!! What a great job so far... can't wait to see all finished. Sure looks HAPPY to me!!